Map of the territory

Map of the territory



The most beautiful tourist port on the Ionian Coast

Riposto hosts the most beautiful tourist port on the Ionian Coast, an exclusive place for local pleasure sailing.

Besides Kentie Park, in the renowned seaside town it is also possible to admire several Palazzos and Churches of undoubted historical and artistic value: the Basilica of San Pietro, a grand classical style construction which houses numerous important canvases, works by Giuseppe Zacco (18th century), Antonio Bonaccorsi (1826-1897) and Matteo Desiderato (18th-19th century). It also hosts the only late 19th century French organ in Italy and a highly prized pulpit.

The Church of the Carmelo, the Church of the Madonna del Rosario, the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Lettera (1710), which conserves a splendid painting of the Madonna and the Child, and then the Town Hall, Palazzo Vigo, the Mangano Tower and the Modò Tower.

The name Riposto has commercial origins and comes from the Sicilian “U ripostu”, which means “the cellar”, because the vast stocks of wine made in the neighbouring towns were collected and stored here.

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